Acorns Health Care is a company set up to dedicate itself to high quality, transforming, individualised care for those who are vulnerable in our society.
Our mission is:

  • To respond to the expressed needs of each person we support.
  • To deliver the care they wish for, in the manner they choose, in the place they choose.
  • To listen, to understand, to care, to support.

  • In order to achieve our mission all of our services are based fully on the following core values:


    All our care and support is delivered discreetly and confidentially.


    We will always respect the dignity, privacy and space of all those we support and understand their behaviour as an expression and reaction to past or present experiences.


    We support and actively encourage our service users to live the life they want, free from unnecessary controls and restrictions.


    All of our care and support is based on continuous consultation directly with those we support and, where appropriate, their families and other professionals.


    Everyone has a fundamental right to be treated fairly and with equal opportunity compared to others. Many of the people for whom we provide a service are vulnerable and may not have experienced equality previously - we celebrate and respect individuality, different cultures and beliefs.


    We actively encourage our service users to participate in making decisions about all aspects of their everyday life with the objective of ensuring their lives are meaningful, active, satisfying, contented but most importantly, happy and secure