Location: Southampton & Hampshire
Service: Adult Services
Job Role: Team Leader
Job Type: Full time/Part time
Qualifications required: NVQ Level 3 Health & Social Care
Salary: Starting from £11.00 hourly


To positively support the Home Manager and Registered Manager in providing leadership to the care and support staff To have responsibility for leading, supporting and facilitating the nursing and medical needs of Service Users. To support senior management in the delivery of high-quality care and support, and to deputise when required. To maintain skills at a current level and undertake required training and development. To perform in accordance with standards agreed with the Registered Manager and the Registered Provider and to follow legislative requirements, relevant regulations and accepted best practice.


1. Responsible to the Home Manager for the direct day to day care of the service users and to undertake supportive tasks and duties as directed.
2. To contribute to the development of the service users through the provision of a healthy lifestyle.
3. To promote and provide a variety of appropriate, stimulating activities.
4. To be alert to signs of distress or abuse and to ensure that the service users are monitored and protected whilst having their needs met.
5. To be sensitive to the needs of individual service users, taking account of disability, race, culture, language, religion and sexuality.
6. To engage, communicate, talk and listen to the service users. To observe their behaviour and record significant features.
7. To contribute to care planning and the implementation of these plans.
8. To participate in reviews and meetings required and prepare service users for those meetings.
9. To provide additional support and comfort to service users under stress.
10. To use relevant strategies to control the behaviour of service users who are unable to manage their own behaviour.
11. To provide for service users physical needs as necessary, for example, by attending to personal care needs, cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping and budgeting or by enabling service users to carry out such tasks themselves.
12. To transport service users to and from their accommodation to weekend activities and meetings via bus, car or train.
13. To undertake risk assessments and implement stay safe strategies.
14. To participate in out of hours On Call Rota as required
15. To follow the Policies and Procedures of Acorns (Southern) Limited.
16. To assist service users realise their full potential in terms of CQC Regulations and the Mental Capacity Act 2015.


1. To act as a member of the staff team supporting colleagues and being prepared to give and receive support and advice as necessary.
2. To participate in staff meetings as required.
3. To act flexibly within reasonable bounds to ensure the necessary cover for the home.
4. To inform and fully communicate with colleagues relevant information and developments, e.g. handover.


1. To share in the practical activities necessary to maintain the care of service users.
2. To set high standards in home-making, including basic food preparation.
3. To care for the fabric, equipment and grounds.
4. To be accountable for monies allocated for specific purposes.
5. To ensure health and safety standards are achieved and maintained.


1. To Take responsibility for own professional development and keep abreast of good practice, company policy and procedures in order to develop skills, knowledge and experience and to undertake all mandatory training.
2. To make use of regular professional supervision.
3. To inform the Registered Manager via line management structure or other appropriate means of malpractice or evidence which may suggest this.


It is the nature of the work of Acorns (Southern) Limited that tasks and responsibilities are, in many circumstances, unpredictable and varied. All employees are therefore expected to work in a flexible way when the occasion arises so that tasks which are not specifically covered in the job description are undertaken.

These additional duties will normally be to cover unforeseen circumstances or changes in work. If the additional responsibility or task becomes a regular or frequent part of the member of staff’s job, it will be included in the job description after consultation with the member of staff.

You will be required to become proficient in behavioural management techniques including physical intervention. We will provide Team Teach training to equip you with these skills.


1. To relate in a professional manner at all times with all members of staff and all external agencies and their representatives.
2. To act as a role model to all in terms of behaviour, dress, punctuality and attendance.


The list above is not exhaustive and other duties may be attached to the post without changing the general character or level of responsibility associated with the post. This job description will be reviewed annually as part of the performance management process. A review can also be initiated outside of the annual review process by either the post holder or the Home Manager.

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